Medicare Accepted Doctor San Jose: Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahimi, MD – Trusted Medicare Provider

Meet Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim, a dedicated Medicare accepted doctor and family physician in San Jose who goes beyond traditional boundaries to help his community with life issues. Dr. Ibrahim practices at a reputable medical center, providing comprehensive medical services to his patients. As your primary care physician, our family physician specializes in family medicine and internal medicine. He provides quality healthcare services, including lipids checkups, cholesterol management, and preventive care. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Ibrahim’s kind and symphony-like approach ensures personalized attention to every patient at our clinics and medical center. Whether you’re looking for family physicians or need to book an appointment through Zocdoc, Dr. Ibrahim is here to provide exceptional care.

Medicare Accepted Doctor San Jose: Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahimi, MD - Trusted Medicare Provider

Medicare Accepted Doctor San Jose: Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahimi, MD – Trusted Medicare Provider

Choosing Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim, one of the top family physicians at our medical center, means gaining a trusted partner who understands the unique health needs of each individual and delivers comprehensive care tailored to you. Our family medicine clinics are dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services.

Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahimi’s Medical Expertise

Education and Training

Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim pursued his medical degree at the prestigious Kabul University Faculty of Medicine in Afghanistan, specializing in family physicians. He is now a renowned expert in the field and has extensive experience working in urgent care clinics. Dr. Ibrahim is a member of the academy for family physicians, further demonstrating his commitment to providing high-quality healthcare services. After completing medical school, he dedicated himself to further training by undertaking a residency program at St Vincent’s Medical Center, an affiliate of New York Medical College, where he honed his skills as a family physician in the field of family medicine.

His extensive education and training have equipped him with specialized knowledge and skills essential for providing comprehensive care to patients suffering from various medical conditions such as hormonal imbalance. This makes him a highly qualified family physician who can offer general consultations at family medicine clinics. Through rigorous academic pursuits and practical experience during his residency, Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim, a family physician, has developed expertise in diagnosing, managing, and treating a wide range of health issues. His medical education and medical degree have prepared him to provide comprehensive care at clinics.

Board Certifications

As a testament to his commitment to maintaining high standards of care, Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim, a family physician, holds board certifications in internal medicine from the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM). He completed his medical education and earned his medical degree at a prestigious medical center. This recognition signifies that he has met the rigorous requirements set forth by this esteemed academy, university, and appointments organization. The reviews from this esteemed academy, university, and appointments organization have confirmed his achievement.

Board certifications are crucial as they ensure that patients receive care from physicians who have undergone thorough assessments of their knowledge, judgment, professionalism, and clinical skills related to their specific specialty or subspecialty within medicine. These certifications are especially important when scheduling appointments for medical services at a reputable medical center. Additionally, board certifications are often required for physicians during their residency training.

Professional Memberships

Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim is affiliated with professional organizations such as the American College of Physicians (ACP) and the Santa Clara County Medical Association (SCCMA). He is also available for appointments on Zocdoc and is a primary care doctor at Action Urgent Care, an urgent care clinic. Being part of these esteemed university and academy associations provides him with opportunities for continuous learning through access to resources like research publications, conferences, networking events, and appointments with top providers.

Moreover, professional memberships enable Dr. Waheed S.Ibrahim, a family physician, to stay updated on advancements in the field of internal medicine while fostering collaborations with other healthcare professionals – all contributing towards enhancing the quality of care provided to his patients seeking treatment for various ailments including hormonal imbalances. With the help of providers like Zocdoc, Dr. Ibrahim can efficiently schedule appointments for his patients.


Within the internal medicine practice, Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim specializes in addressing diverse health concerns such as diabetes management, hypertension, respiratory disorders, and gastrointestinal problems. He is highly skilled in managing hormonal imbalances, a critical area requiring specialized attention due to its impact on overall well-being. Choosing a specialist like Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim is pivotal for individuals requiring specific care tailored to their unique health conditions and needs. With Zocdoc, you can easily schedule appointments with family physicians like Dr. Ibrahim. Read recent patient reviews to learn more about his expertise and patient satisfaction.

Medicare and Insurance Coverage

Medicare Accepted

Patients seeking healthcare services must understand the significance of Medicare acceptance by family physicians and other healthcare providers in the field of family medicine. It is crucial for patients to be aware of the availability of Medicare-accepting providers in order to receive the necessary care and services. When family physicians like Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim accept Medicare, it means they agree to the payment terms set by Medicare for all its covered services. Providers can easily schedule appointments with Dr. Ibrahim through Zocdoc. This is advantageous for patients because it often results in lower out-of-pocket costs when using Zocdoc to find family physicians and primary care providers.

Choosing a family physician like Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim, who is accepted by Medicare and listed on Zocdoc, can be beneficial due to the seamless billing process that follows recent patient reviews for providers. Patients don’t have to worry about handling complex billing procedures or filing claims themselves when they visit a family physician who accepts Medicare. With the help of Zocdoc, patients can easily find providers and book appointments with family physicians who accept Medicare.

For example, if an individual requires frequent medical attention, having a family physician who accepts Medicare can significantly reduce their financial burden and streamline the entire healthcare experience. This is why it’s important to read recent patient reviews on platforms like Zocdoc to find the right provider.

In-Network Insurances

Understanding which insurance plans are accepted by Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim, a family physician at our urgent care clinic, is crucial for patients with specific insurance coverage requirements. Patients can easily check if their insurance is accepted by Dr. Ibrahim by visiting his Zocdoc profile or contacting our providers. Being in-network with primary care insurance providers benefits patients financially because it typically translates to lower out-of-pocket costs compared to visiting an out-of-network physician. This is especially true when using platforms like Zocdoc to schedule appointments at urgent care clinics.

Choosing an in-network family physician like Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim, who is listed on Zocdoc, offers convenience as well as financial advantages for patients covered under those insurances plans that are within his network. Patients can easily book appointments with Dr. Ibrahim through Zocdoc, or visit his urgent care clinic. Dr. Ibrahim is one of the trusted providers in the network.

For instance, if someone has health issues that require ongoing treatment or regular check-ups, being in-network with their insurance provider ensures that they can access quality care from their family physician, Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim, without facing exorbitant expenses. With the availability of online platforms like Zocdoc, finding in-network providers has become even easier.

Comprehensive Patient Care

Common Reasons for Visits

Patients frequently visit Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim, a family physician, MD, for a full range of healthcare services. He is one of the providers available on Zocdoc, where patients can find and book appointments with trusted doctors. Dr. Ibrahim has received positive reviews from his patients for his preventive care, primary care, and urgent care services. Whether it’s for routine check-ups or addressing specific medical concerns, Dr. Ibrahim, a family physician, offers comprehensive support to his patients. With the help of Zocdoc, you can easily book an appointment with Dr. Ibrahim for primary care needs. Additionally, if you have any urgent care requirements, Dr. Ibrahim is here to provide you with the necessary assistance.

From disease screenings to managing chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, Dr. Ibrahim, a family physician, provides personalized care tailored to each patient’s unique health needs. With the help of Zocdoc, patients can easily find and book appointments with Dr. Ibrahim and other healthcare providers. Additionally, patients can read reviews to help them make informed decisions about their healthcare options. For instance, if a patient requires preventive medicine like vaccinations or flu shots, they can rely on Dr. Ibrahim, a family physician, and his expertise in preventive care. Dr. Ibrahim’s availability can be easily checked on Zocdoc along with other providers.

Moreover, as a trusted physician and primary care provider, Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim specializes in family medicine and is equipped to address various health issues that individuals may encounter throughout their lives. With his expertise, patients can rely on him for their healthcare needs. Dr. Ibrahim’s exceptional services have been recognized by recent patient reviews on Zocdoc.

Patient Experience

Satisfied patients have consistently praised the compassionate and attentive approach of Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim, a family physician, towards their healthcare needs. Dr. Ibrahim is one of the providers available on Zocdoc, where patients can find and book appointments with trusted healthcare professionals. Patients can also read reviews from other patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare. His commitment to prioritizing patient satisfaction has earned him high regard among those seeking reliable medical attention from a family physician. Whether you need urgent care or primary care, you can trust him to provide the best possible medical assistance. His reputation on Zocdoc speaks for itself.

Patients appreciate the personalized attention they receive at every visit with Dr. Ibrahim, a highly-rated family physician on Zocdoc. He ensures that each individual feels heard and understood during their primary care appointments, which is reflected in his positive reviews. Furthermore, his dedication to providing exceptional personal care extends beyond regular office hours — through partnerships with facilities like Zocdoc, Action Urgent Care, and Carbon Health Urgent Care Clinic, Dr. Ibrahim ensures that his family of patients have access to timely medical assistance when needed most. His commitment to quality care is evident in the positive reviews from his patients.

Practice Overview

Health Professionals Team

Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim’s Zocdoc provider practice boasts a dedicated team of healthcare professionals committed to providing top-notch patient care for families. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in the positive reviews they receive. This collaborative approach ensures that each patient receives comprehensive and well-rounded medical attention from their primary care physician or urgent care provider. With the help of Zocdoc, finding a family doctor or urgent care clinic has never been easier. The healthcare professionals working alongside Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim bring a wealth of expertise and qualifications to the table, further enhancing the quality of care provided at the practice. Their expertise is evident in the recent patient reviews on Zocdoc.

The team’s combined undergraduate and postgraduate education equips them with a diverse range of skills and knowledge, ensuring that patients have access to a wide array of specialized services under one roof. Whether you need primary care or urgent care, our providers on Zocdoc are here to help. For instance, there may be primary care providers, such as specialists in internal medicine or family medicine, who work together seamlessly to address various aspects of patient health. Zocdoc can help you find an urgent care provider that suits your needs.

Moreover, this multi-disciplinary team of primary care doctors, family physicians, and urgent care specialists allows for thorough reviews and assessments from different medical perspectives when devising treatment plans for patients. Zocdoc can help patients find and book appointments with these medical professionals. By harnessing the collective knowledge and experience of these healthcare professionals, the zocdoc provider practice can offer an all-encompassing program aimed at addressing each patient’s unique family needs effectively. With access to zocdoc reviews, patients can make informed decisions about their healthcare providers.

Provider’s Gender

Understanding why some patients prefer a specific gender when choosing a primary care provider or urgent care doctor is essential as it directly impacts their comfort level during medical consultations or procedures. Zocdoc can help patients find the right healthcare professional to meet their specific preferences. Some individuals feel more at ease discussing certain health issues with zocdoc providers who share their gender due to cultural reasons or personal preferences. This is especially important when seeking urgent care for the family, as highlighted in a recent patient review.

For instance, female patients might feel more comfortable discussing gynecological concerns with a female doctor found on Zocdoc, while male patients may prefer male doctors for prostate-related discussions or general comfort reasons. Zocdoc is a provider of urgent care services for the whole family.

When considering Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim as your healthcare provider in San Jose, it’s important to read recent patient reviews on Zocdoc to ascertain whether his gender aligns with your preferences regarding medical care delivery for your family.

Accessibility and Convenience

Office Locations

Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim, MD, is a zocdoc provider who offers medicare accepted doctor san jose services at multiple office locations. Patients can conveniently access his services and read reviews from satisfied patients. Dr. Ibrahim specializes in providing quality care for the whole family. By exploring the different office locations on Zocdoc, you can choose the provider that is most convenient for your family based on proximity and accessibility. Read reviews to make an informed decision. For example, if you live closer to downtown San Jose and are looking for a family healthcare provider, you might prefer visiting a Zocdoc office located in that area rather than one further away. Check out the reviews to find the best provider for your family.

Each of Dr. Ibrahim’s Zocdoc-listed urgent care offices is equipped with modern facilities to ensure a comfortable and efficient experience for patients. Read provider reviews to learn more. This includes smart technology for appointment scheduling with Zocdoc, digital medical records management, streamlined communication with the staff, and recent patient reviews for urgent care and family services.

The availability of various office locations on Zocdoc provides flexibility in scheduling appointments with urgent care providers according to your time and preferences. Check out the reviews to find the best provider for you. If one Zocdoc location has limited availability or longer wait times due to high demand, you have the option to consider another urgent care location that may offer more suitable appointment times according to recent patient reviews.

Languages Spoken

Understanding the languages spoken by Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim and his team at Zocdoc urgent care is crucial for effective communication during medical consultations. This is especially important for recent patient reviews and ensuring that every family feels comfortable and understood during their visits. Patients benefit from clear communication when discussing their health concerns or understanding treatment plans with their Zocdoc urgent care provider. Reading reviews can also help patients make informed decisions about their healthcare.

By knowing which languages are spoken by Dr. Ibrahim and his Zocdoc provider team, patients can ensure hassle-free interactions without language barriers affecting their family healthcare experience negatively. Furthermore, reading and considering the reviews of Dr. Ibrahim and his team on Zocdoc can provide valuable insights for patients seeking a reliable healthcare provider.

Language proficiency plays a significant role in improving patient-doctor relationships, especially when using platforms like Zocdoc to find a provider. It fosters better understanding between both parties regarding important medical information such as symptoms, diagnoses, medications, and follow-up instructions. Reading reviews can also help patients find a provider that is a good fit for their family’s needs.

Choosing a zocdoc provider who speaks your preferred language enhances your overall experience by reducing misunderstandings related to healthcare matters while also fostering trust in the care provided. Recent patient reviews can help you find a provider that is right for you and your family.

Understanding Patient Needs

Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim, MD, is a zocdoc provider who offers a range of specialized services, including urgent care, to cater to specific medical conditions and patient needs. Check out his reviews to learn more. For instance, Dr. Ibrahim provides comprehensive care for seniors through Medicare acceptance, ensuring that elderly patients have access to the medical attention they need without financial barriers. With Zocdoc, families can easily find and book appointments with Dr. Ibrahim, and read reviews from other patients who have received care from him.

Moreover, he specializes in internal medicine, focusing on diagnosing and treating a wide array of health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Zocdoc is a platform that allows patients to find and book appointments with doctors. His recent patient review shows his expertise in urgent care. He also has experience in providing care for the whole family. This specialized approach allows him to develop tailored treatment plans for zocdoc patients seeking urgent care that address each patient’s unique health concerns effectively. With a focus on family health, he has received excellent reviews for his personalized approach.

In addition to his expertise in internal medicine, Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim also offers regular check-ups and screenings for chronic diseases common among older adults covered by Medicare. This preventive care is highly valued by his patients, as seen in recent Zocdoc reviews. Dr. Ibrahim is dedicated to providing quality care for the whole family.

Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim’s specialized services on Zocdoc benefit patients and their family by providing them with targeted medical attention that aligns with their specific healthcare requirements. The doctor’s reviews on Zocdoc also help patients make informed decisions about their family’s healthcare.

Building Trust Through Reviews

Patient Testimonials

Hearing from other patients can provide valuable insights. Reading reviews and testimonials from satisfied family patients who have received care from Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim, MD, on platforms like Zocdoc, offers a glimpse into the positive experiences and outcomes shared by others. For example, you might come across recent patient reviews of how Dr. Ibrahim’s attentive approach and expertise at our urgent care helped someone manage their chronic condition effectively. Our family-friendly environment ensures that every patient receives the best care possible.

Understanding why patients trust and recommend Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim through these testimonials and reviews is crucial for anyone seeking healthcare services for their family in the area. You could learn about his recent patient review, urgent care, or reviews. You could also learn about his compassionate bedside manner, personalized treatment plans, or even his ability to address concerns with patience and empathy.

Exploring recent patient reviews can help you gain confidence in choosing Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim as your healthcare provider because they offer real-life accounts of the quality care he provides.

Quality of Care Indicators

In addition to patient testimonials, examining the quality of care indicators and reviews associated with Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim is essential when making an informed decision about your healthcare provider.

These indicators reflect Dr.Ibrahim’s commitment to excellence through metrics such as patient outcomes, safety measures, patient satisfaction ratings, and reviews from urgent care patients. For instance, you might discover that his urgent care practice consistently maintains high patient satisfaction scores due to efficient appointment scheduling systems or minimal wait times during visits.

Furthermore, understanding these quality indicators can give you peace of mind knowing that you are entrusting your health to a physician who prioritizes both the effectiveness and safety of urgent care treatments, as evidenced by recent patient reviews.

Staying Informed About Your Provider

NPI Number

Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim, MD, a highly-rated urgent care physician, has received a recent patient review. He has a unique National Provider Identifier (NPI) number assigned to him. The NPI number is crucial in identifying healthcare providers and their specific details, including recent patient reviews. It serves as a means to track recent patient reviews and ensure transparency within the healthcare system.

You can use Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim’s NPI number to verify his credentials in urgent care and gain insights into his professional background, including where he received his medical education, training, certifications, and any disciplinary actions taken against him by regulatory authorities or medical boards.

Understanding the significance of NPI numbers helps patients make informed decisions when choosing a healthcare provider like Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim, MD.

For example:

  • When you have Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim’s NPI number, you can easily look up information about his practice on official websites such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) or other reputable platforms.

  • By utilizing the NPI number, patients can access essential data about their urgent care provider without relying solely on urgent care reviews or word-of-mouth recommendations.

Contact Information

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim at our urgent care facility or inquire further about his practice, it’s essential to have access to accurate contact details. Having transparent communication channels ensures that patients can easily reach out for urgent care appointments or seek additional information regarding urgent care services provided by Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim’s practice.

Patients should be aware of how they can connect with Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahim through various communication channels such as phone numbers, email addresses, patient portals if available online, and urgent care which will help them stay informed about their provider’s availability and accessibility.

Here are some examples:

  • Patients seeking care from Dr.Waheed.S.Ibrahim need clear instructions on how to contact his office directly for inquiries related to billing questions or insurance coverage.

  • Transparent billing practices are important when considering a healthcare provider like Dr.Wahees.S.Ibrahim.MD because they allow patients to understand potential costs before receiving treatment.

By providing easy access to contact information and maintaining transparent communication channels, Dr.Wahees.S.Ibrahim.MD ensures that patients feel supported throughout their healthcare journey.

Choosing the Right Medicare Doctor in San Jose

Understanding the importance of Medicare acceptance is crucial for beneficiaries.You need to consider the financial benefits and coverage assurance provided by Medicare acceptance. This ensures that your healthcare services are covered, giving you peace of mind about your medical expenses.


So, there you have it! Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahimi, MD, is your go-to Medicare-accepted doctor in San Jose. With his comprehensive patient care, accessibility, and unwavering commitment to understanding your needs, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Don’t forget to stay informed about your urgent care provider and leverage patient reviews to make an informed decision. Choosing the right Medicare doctor is crucial, and Dr. Ibrahimi’s practice ticks all the boxes for top-notch care.

Now that you know what sets Dr. Ibrahimi apart in CA, take the next step and schedule a visit to experience his expertise firsthand. Your health deserves the best, and with Dr. Ibrahimi, you’re on the right path to optimal well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahimi a board-certified physician?

Yes, Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahimi is a board-certified physician with expertise in [specific area of expertise].

What insurance plans does Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahimi accept?

Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahimi accepts Medicare and various insurance plans to ensure comprehensive coverage for his patients’ medical needs.

How does Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahimi prioritize patient care?

Dr. Waheed S. Ibrahimi prioritizes patient care by offering comprehensive medical services tailored to each individual’s unique needs and ensuring accessibility and convenience.

What sets Dr.Waheed S.Ibrahim’s practice apart in San Jose?

Dr.Waheeb.S.Ibrahim’s practice stands out due to its unwavering commitment to understanding patient needs, building trust through reviews, and staying informed about the provider.

Why should you choose Dr. Waheeb S. Ibrahim as your Medicare doctor in San Jose? With Zocdoc, you can easily schedule an appointment with Dr. Ibrahim, one of the top family physicians in the area. Located at a convenient medical center, Dr. Ibrahim provides comprehensive healthcare services for patients of all ages.

Choosing Dr.Waheeb.S.Ibrahim means opting for exceptional medical expertise combined with personalized care that addresses your specific healthcare requirements effectively.